Conductive paint or conductive ink is usually a mixture containing a conductive powder (silver powder, copper powder, bronze powder, nickel powder, graphite,…) and a binder. Varieties of natural or synthetic resins (polymers) may be used as binders. Some binders are water based and some are solvent based.

Lot#2001122 (60% metal)
120 g metal powder, 75 ml water + 1 ml surfactant + 1 g vitamin C (antioxidant), mixed and heated. 4% solution of PVOH added up to 200 mL level.

120 g silver powder, 50 ml water + 1 ml surfactant  mixed and heated. 4% solution of PVOH 2288 added up to 160 mL level. (Settles down and require shaking, probably because of no ultrasound and no agar)

2 liters distilled water and 100 g PVOH 4988 mixed 2 hours cold and one hour for the binder. 50 mL water + surfactant + citric acid + 350 g copper CU7005F lot G8M450 +350 g binder.

75ml water + surfactant + 300 g silver + 300 g binder lot ECM209.