We ask all of our customers to place their orders online and print their invoices online. That is how we can maintain our fast service and low prices. There are a few exceptions however for customers who place frequent large orders of one specific product or for international customers. This page describes the steps you must take in different scenarios. Order Online

What we sell?
We only sell products that we stock and are described in our website. We have all of our prices online and our website is able to generate an official quote for you to print. That is why we do not respond to most RFQ emails. If we carry a product, it is priced in our website and if we don’t have it in our website we don’t carry.

Our Main Requirements
In order to purchase products from Chemical Store you must already be knowledgeable with the product, its applications and its safe handling requirements. You must take full responsibility for all risks associated with the use, handling, transportation and storage of the product, You must also provide us with accurate verifiable information when placing your order. Most verifications are done on the phone. Please make sure that you are reachable at the phone number you provide.

Large Online Orders
When you place a large order (usually more than $1000) online, the website may hold your order and generate a credit card charge authorization form that you must sign and email or fax back to us. This is when we need a signature on file. We may also require payment by ACH or wire transfer for large orders.

If we already have a signature on file from you for the same credit card, you may simply call us and request the release of your order without waiting for another signature to be emailed or faxed.
International Orders
Many international orders can be entered online and processed online. We ship worldwide and accept most international orders as long as the product is not regulated as Hazardous material. Hazardous materials can only be shipped by ground service inside the continental US.

If your international bank does not provide address verification, the website will not complete your order. Instead it will create an order form and order number that you will use to contact us via email and request a proforma invoice. We will send you a proforma invoice with instructions for payments trough the bank.
Terms Accounts
We do not create terms accounts for new customers or small orders. All orders must be entered online and paid online. For customers who frequently place a large order of one specific product, we may open a terms account and let them know after at least 3 orders. Such customers will have the choice to place their orders online or send us a purchase order for their large orders.