Paraffin Wax Pastilles 150º-155ºF, USP, Kosher

Paraffin wax is made up of straight chain, saturated hydrocarbons with low oil content. Chemical Store carries an assortment of different paraffins which varry by molecular weight and melting point to best fit your requirements.

Paraffin is non-toxic, non-irritating, and non-reactive. It offers excellent water barrier properties; high specific heat capacity and compatibility/ miscibility with many other  waxes. 

Pysical properties of paraffin wax may be modified by blending it with mineral oil, polyethylene and many other natural or synthetic waxes.  Paraffin wax can also be used to prepare an emulsion. 

Application guidelines

Formulators have used paraffin in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, fruit and vegetable coatings, textiles, polishes, lubricants, adhesives, candles, electronics, and crayons.

Wax emulsions are widely used in a variety of technical applications like printing inks & lacquers, leather and textiles, paper, wood, metal, polishes, glass fiber sizing, glass bottle protection among other things. The most important properties that can be improved by the addition of wax emulsions are matting & gloss, hydrophobicity, soft touch, abrasion & rub resistance, scratch resistance, release, and corrosion protection.

Emulsions based on natural waxes are used for coating fruits and candies and crop protection. Synthetic wax based emulsions are often used in food packaging.Paraffin wax emulsions are also used in creams and ointments.

Specification, Chemical Properties:

 Product NameParaffin 150-155        
 Product codePWAX127P  
 Melting Point150-155ºFUSP 741 
 ViscosityN/AASTM D3236 
 Penetration8-15 dmmASTM D1321 
 Congeal Point149-154ºFASTM D938 


  • INCI NAME: Paraffin
  • CAS#: 8002-74-2
  • EINECS #: 232-315-6
  • Procuct Code: PWAX127P
  • Minimum Shelf life: 2 Years
  • Made in: USA
  • Kosher
  • Not tested on animals
  • REACH: Registered
  • Canada DSL: listed
  • TSCA (US EPA): listed


  • 1-Lb. bags
  • 5-Lb. bags
  • 10-Lb. bags
  • 55-Lb. bags
  • 990-Lb. Pallet

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